The phone psychic advice experts from Liveperson are providers of real-time conversation readings using chat, voice, and via content delivery through the use of websites, social media, and mobile phones. They are driven by a real-time analysis of behavior method which produces connections based on the understanding of the customer’s needs and business objectives.

There are more than 8,500 companies that rely on the said platform of Liveperson to increase and improve their customers’ experience. This includes Microsoft, ibm, hp, Walt Disney, and qvc on the list.

Online businesses today do not have a shortage of customers’ data – transcriptions of chats, voice call recordings, emails, data surveys, web analytics and even info from social media like Facebook and Twitter. Despite of the huge amount of data that is available, translating this kind of information into actionable, holistic, and accurate insight though is that thing that Liveperson can especially provide and this usually eludes most companies.

The Business Insights of Liveperson Phone Psychic Advice Experts

Through the insights of Liveperson, you will be able to understand the perspective of business’ customers towards your products, market position, and service levels.

* You would be able to gain a deeper insight about the preferences of your prospective customers towards buying.

* Able to understand what customers like or they don’t like with your products and why

* Able to know the feedback of the customers about your pricing and competition.

The Phone Psychic Advice Chat Program

The chat program will let you to identify new opportunities for program optimization, increased conversions, and cost reduction for improvement

* Root analysis – correlate the company’s key metrics like FCR, CSAT to contact types and use cluster data analysis.

* Identification of trend spot trends quickly, analyze issues, which is able to measure how effective your scripts and configured contents are.

There are all samples of the type of reading or advice you can get from Liveperson.


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